2009 With Young Pals

Promis’ 4th album “Life is Grand!” was released in the early days of 2009 featured at Sirious sattelite Radio station by Larry Flick. Promis toured in France to promote the album in mid spring.


Karine Hannah’s second album “Karine” is released both in Turkey and in the U.S. in January. She got lots of local press (CNN, etc) in Turkey about her album. Single from the album “Gone” was remixed by Craig C. She did her Metropolitan Room in September 2009. Her new album produced by DNA is due in the early months of 2010.



Emre Yilmaz’s debut single “Only Yesterday” was launched by YP in March, followed by a spotlight review in Billboard magazine. He opened Sertab Erener’s concert at Central Park in the summer. His solo debut live performance was at Joe’s Pub this autumn. He sand tunes from his new coming album with Ayhan Sahin. He starred in a TV show in Turkey called “Yeni Bastan”.


Ayhan Sahin’s remix of Matt Zarley’s new single “Here I am” among with remixes from Grammy-nominated Love to Infinity, Solar City, Rafael M. stayed at Number 1 at dance charts on perfectbeat.com and masterbeat.com


Puerto Rican artist Zorba’s album was launched in June under Young Pals Music


Ayhan Sahin joined forces with Dennis DelGaudio to form DNA; a music production house as well as an indie label to work on songs for Karine Hannah, Jill Gioia, American Idol contestant Normund Gentle (aka Nick Mitchell), Rob Bailey


Recorded R&B pop soul artist Adam Shenk’s new album “Suitcases” which will be out from Young Pals Music in March 2010. the set includes Claire Finley on bass, Brandan O’Grady on keyboards, Iakov Kremenskiy on guitars, Carrass Callison Paton on flute and sax, Emre Yilmaz on classical guitars, Evan Gregor on double bass and Jeniffer Hirsh on background vocals, featuring the rap artist Heightz.

 Recorded French artist Lybert Ramade’s new album which is produced by DNA which will be out in early 2010 in France.


Recorded songs with U.K. artist Damien Carmello. “Sick and Tired” was featured on DJ Gary Bushell’s Rancid Sounds Podcast.


Young Pals Music ally Tinatin’s song “Is It True” became the runner uprepresenting Iceland in Eurovision Song Contest this year.


Ayhan produced a cover tune “Close Every Door” from Andrew Lloyd Webber on David Pascucci’s new album which is out in early 2010.


Other songwriting collaborations included writing for Sylvia Tosun’s new upcoming album.


Ayhan’s earlier musical is being rewritten with Wallace Willholt.


Other musical theatre ventures include arranging Michael Tester’s new musical show “Most Likely To” which is showcased in Players Theatre in NYC. “Infidelity” a musical show by Dara Barlin and Heather Osterman was another project that Ayhan was involved in which he co-compose and orchestrated and music directed for a workshop in NYC.


Ayhan’s music was featured in TV shows like American Idol Rewind and various shows on style network.


He wrote the jingle for a Turkish corporate companyt KAM which will be featured on TV and web in 2010


Upcoming is 2008 American Idol contestant Normund Gentle (aka Nick Mitchell)’s single “Bitch Slap” in the new year.


Please visit ayhanonline.com

Also you can follow day to day activities on his blog at http://twocrecording.blogspot.com/

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