Valentine’s Day 2012:
How to get endless-love on Valentine’s Day?
“Another + Another” Reveals How!
Boston, Mass. and New York, New York

While the rest of the nation is exchanging over 180 million Valentine’s Day cards, and spending an average of $14 billion on Valentine’s Day love ($13 billion of that in USA alone), for 99 cents you can stay home with your loved one enjoying “Another + Another”. Do the candles, wine, dinner, chocolates, bubble bath, and silk sheets, as long as your Valentine gets “Another + Another” from you. The song “Another + Another” celebrates the joys of more and more of everything in a perfect Valentine relationship.

Romantic pop, “Another + Another” is loved by Next Generation and Oldies who appreciate highest quality music and story lines crafted by Young Pals Records and G.G. Garth Music Publishing. Music video by Christopher Holmes/Holmeswood Features coming soon. Vocals: “Oh-Kay!”. Music by Ayhan Sahin, lyrics by Ghia Gabriela Szwed.

Purchase: iTunes

CONTACT: Ghia Gabriela Szwed (617) 997-6554

GG Garth Productions
Young Pals Records

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