New York based music producer Ayhan Sahin and his manager Janet Castiel visited Pearl Studios to watch Seven Hills Anatolian Folk Dance Group’s rehearsal.

Sahin, who recently celebrated his record label Young Pals’ 5 years in the industry, has been living in New York City for the last 12 years. He has worked with world renowned names like Sezen Aksu and Sandra Bernhard. Sahin, who visited Pearl Studios to watch a rehearsal of the folk dance group quoted that it is a brilliant idea to spread our rich Turkish culture in the U.S. by staging our folkloric dance in various American venues.

Sahin’s American manager Janet Castiel from Redwood Entertainment was also there to watch the rehearsal. Redwood Entertainment also manages Sezen Aksu, Sertab Erener, Demir Demirkan and Fahir Atakoglu in the U.S. territory. Castiel, who is a big admirer of Turkish culture, said that she has watched previously the staging of “Anatolian Fever” and loved it. She said that with persistence, the dance group’s future looks bright.

Seven Hills Anatolian Folk Dance Group’s first performance willl take place on October 29.

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