Music Video Ready As The Holiday Season Begins

Christi Bauerlee’s holiday single “Let’s Spend This New year’s Eve At Home” is back on the spotlight, as we enter the holiday season. Young Pals Music just completed the promo music video for Bauerlee’s full swing, joyous uptempo single.

“New Year’s Eve At Home” celebrates the joys of cozying up with loved ones via full-on country flavor, courtesy of vocalist Christi Bauerlee.

“New Year’s” is the launch single from “Pop,” the debut solo album from Sahin. The 10-track collective brings together 12+ diverse renowned singers like Anita Ward, Randy Jones and musicians, blending organic instrumentation amid a myriad of styles, including R&B & soul, dance, jazz, country and of course… pop. All songs are written and co-produced with O’Reilly, who has also worked for three decades in artist relations, management and hit song placement.



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