My Twenty Years In NYC

Twenty years ago today, I arrived to this country. I had plans, goals and dreams. I wanted to break free from construction sites and I wanted to make music. It was as simple as that. My goal was to write and have professionals sing my songs. My dream was to make my music sound as good as ABBA’s sound. New York was destined for me and I loved New York. It just reminded me of Istanbul, always vibrant, always dynamic and hectic. Through my college years at NYU, I learned what was possible and what was impossible in New York. Through the people I met and became friends with, anything proved to be possible. The things I stopped caring about were the only ones that became impossible. Through the time I collected opportunities, I learned how to give, I learned how to share. And I realized whatever I gave and shared came back to me exponentially in different forms and shapes. I loved it. That love made my heart grew larger. And when my heart was big, I realized I was fearless because the love around me protected my little fence. Being not afraid of anything anymore, I became adventurous trying one thing after the other bringing every bit of thought to life. The more I created the happier I became. My friends from college on Facebook said I looked much younger in my forties. I was only happy. They told me “whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”

I can’t believe twenty years after I’m  still doing my music and it’s still giving me happiness. Sometimes it’s redundant but mostly it is a proud moment when I finish a new song and listen to the master. Today when I am listening to our latest song “Come and Get Me Now” I see the signature of many who played significant parts in the story I was telling above like my sponsor, Tobbe & Marie, Gene & Steve and Chuck. It’s  not gonna be a list of  everyone I feel grateful to but the ones who filled these twenty years with weight, presence  and distinct personalities which turned into never ending friendships, relationships and partnerships like Bernadette, Emre, Donna, Al, Randy, Bo, Lauren, Lina, Larry, Tina, Patrick, Alex, Serap, Cynthia, Jeff, Janet, Karine, Tommy, Dennis. The people I love call me “a good soul” but in fact it is the good virtues I found and embraced from these New Yorkers that nurtured my soul. Thank you guys, I love you more than ever.


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