RADIO AIRPLAY REVIEW: Bird With A Broken Wing features a melody that has nearly instant staying power

Strongest Point(s): There are many strong points with Bird With A Broken Wing. As mentioned above, the arrangement and vocal work are fantastic. The instrumental performances, particularly in the guitar, are equally impressive. The guitar solo matches the attitude and energy of the song, while still making its own statement. Nice work by all involved. 

Zachary Larson@RadioAirplay


Music video for our latest single “I Like You” is finally finished and I’m happy to at last bring it out to the daylight. Again like my previous music videos, it’s all self made with the phone I currently have, getting my inspiration from the bands I love to sing like, people I interact daily and from the scenery and footage I capture from random occasions. When all these activities meet with suggestions and recommendations from my creative friends like Bernadette or Lauren or Chuck and Emre,  I see a vision forming in my head and I go for it. 

This time the completion of the video took a little longer because of some personal issues that I encountered along the way;  like the unexpected eye surgery that totally took away a couple of my months as well as my creative passion. But all comes to a good ending with a positive attitude and a stubborn smile, even though missing two of my very front teeth at a time when we would be shooting this video. 

Eventually,  eyes heal and teeth get replaced and what we are left with becomes the presentation of the art that never puts our inspirations into rest.  

I’m happy that I was able to finish this work, because one thing that improves me as an individual is to be able to start  and finish  whatever I commit to.


Now onto the next projects. Life is good !!

Ayhan Sahin

 Young Pals Music Enlists All-Star Talent For A New Holiday Classic – “All I Want This Christmas”

Young Pals Music

Bringing some holiday cheer into the new year, Bernadette O’Reilly and Ayhan Sahin have teamed up to produce a disco-pop anthem that is sure to impress. Filled with vibrant sounds and plenty of Christmas cheer, the new single is a vibrant take on the classics, offering a multi-coloured, festive experience that won’t be forgotten any time soon.



With all the colorful glitter, ornaments, and decorations put up in homes all over the world throughout the holiday season, it’s nearly impossible to fathom how bland, recycled, and ordinarythe music can be. This year, artist Ayhan Sahin has teamed up with a whole crew of verifiable all-stars to create an exciting new Christmas classic that is guaranteed to be the gift that keeps on giving


Previous Songs Released By Ayhan Sahin

Released on Christmas day through Soundcloud, ‘All I Want This Christmas’ finds Bernadette O’Reilly and Ayhan Sahin in fine form, delivering a crisp, pop-inspired piece that flows with lines like “December is here, gift giving time, love is in the air”. Accompanied by a talented roster of musicians, including some sublime back vocals by Jerri BoKeno and Keith Fluitt’, the song is a perfect snapshot of the Christmas season, as well as a powerful illustration of the collective’s talents. Out &available on all major music platforms – “All I Want This Christmas” is destined to heat up the charts and playlists this winter!


In a dynamically vibrant display of bright, bold, and beautiful Disco-infused rhythm and grooves, the song delivers the celebratory spirit that people genuinely WANT to hear around the holidays.  Delighting listeners with irresistible hooks, sensational instrumentation & stellar vocals combined, Sahin has enlisted the talents of Mike Sorrentino on drums, Carras Paton on bass guitar, Emre Yilmaz and Gene Blank on guitars, Rob Preuss on piano besides Jerri BoKeno and Keith Fluitt on supporting vocals, in addition to the truly legendary songwriting skills of Bernadette O’Reilly to assist in creating a song with the real magic of Christmas infused into every single moment.  Unified through a vision to rock out a memorable anthem for all to enjoy this holiday season, the sparkling results speak volumes on behalf of a mission fully accomplished & highlight finale for 2021 and undeniably for 2022 as well – “All I Want This Christmas” is THE song to bring everyone together this year, the next year, and so on – it’s a brilliantly welcome twist on the yuletide vibes that your speakers are craving, now available online.


Available through Young Pals Music, a burgeoning force among post-millennial independent record labels, the song is a wonderfully spirited and free-wheeling release, creating a sense of magic that runs to the very roots of singer, songwriter, and producer Ayhan Sahin.

Offering services tailored to developing and established artist development, songwriting and collaboration, Young Pals Music has been featured on CNN, The Los Angeles Times, Playbill, MTV, Yahoo! Music, Fox Morning News, and more, ushering in a new form of music production, support, and collaboration.

Official Website – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – Young Pals

Lauren Rathbun’s ‘Into You’ Is An Unabashedly Charming Joyride Through The ‘70s

New York’s Young Pals Music proudly announces its first post-pandemic release from a young charming artist destined to connect a timeless bridge to music fans

 Lauren Rathbun’s new single ‘Into You’ is a cheery, sweet romp through the most captivating adventures of the 1970s. Lauren’s thrilling homage to this bygone era features tons of familiar beats, classic country melodies, and instrumentation that’s brimming with charisma through and through. It’s a joyride of a melody that relies on energy as much as its rich lyrical narrative and vocal showcase. Rathbun approaches the verses with a gratifying edginess which complements the exhilarating, uproarious chords on the electric and bass guitars. The melody builds slowly over the course of the composition, with a cascade of percussion and the hard-hitting strokes on the piano.  

 The production is composed of a brilliant tempo buoying the song through the ecstatic highs of the rock ‘n’ roll era showcasing Rathbun shine through with a sincere, hearty voice that’s both comforting and just a little mischievous. The bridge of the piece is perhaps the most appealing, with Rathbun’s vocals soaring through the high notes in ease and a boisterous guitar solo hammering in the 70s-era vigor all the harder. 

 The project is being released by New York City-based Young Pals Music helmed by producer Ayhan Sahin and mastered by Ryan Smith at New York City’s Sterling Sound. The track was produced by Sahin, founder of Young Pals Music; written by Rathbun and Sahin. The production includes a posse of New York City-based renowned musicians: Mike Sorrentino on drums, Carras Paton on bass and sax, Gene Blank on guitars, and Rob Preuss on piano and synth. Keith Fluitt and Jerri Bocchino are on backing vocals. 


 Sahin notes: “The journey of writing and making a song is for me the most rewarding work. For “Into You” we had a very specific model to start with. But throughout the two years we worked on the song, it went to a completely new place. We were open to new ideas and had the flexibility to adjust our initial model to the time-changing experiences in our lives. 

 As a whole, the tune is designed to send listeners down memory lane. The classic rock sounds are somewhat reductive, but it doesn’t take away from the crowd-pleasing upbeat that keeps your feet moving and your head bobbing. What’s most impressive is that Lauren Rathbun is a young, up-and-coming artist who might not have had direct exposure to the vintage rock hysteria, but she makes up for it with heart and charisma to boot. She’s only been singing professionally for a few odd years, but it’s obvious that with the right platform, she can go the distance and find her path. 

For more information, please contact 917-693 2688, or

Ayhan Sahin Bags the “2020 Artist of the Year in Pop-Rock Genre” and “2021 Rising Stars” Awards at the Akademia Awards

New York-based Producer and Songwriter, Ayhan Sahin has recorded a milestone achievement after receiving honors in two categories at the just concluded The Akademia Awards.

The Akademia Awards seeks to reward the best artists in the arts and entertainment industry. Each year, artists who have exemplified class and excellence in various genres of music and have won the love of fans receive awards.

This year, Ayhan Sahin shined with intensity at the recently concluded The Akademia Awards winning the “2020 Artist of the Year in Pop-Rock Genre” and the “2021 Rising Stars” awards. Ayhan Sahin has had a jolly-good career ride, and clinching these awards is proof of his efforts towards serving music lovers top-rated, infectious bliss songs.

This is not the first time the award-winning Turkish-born Pop artist is winning double honors at the awards ceremony held by TheAkademia. In April 2018, Ayhan won “Best Rock Song for Pop” with the single ‘Drink’ and “Best Music Video of the Year” for his ‘L.A. Nights’ single.

Winning double again in this year’s TheAkademia Awards shows how much of a consistent fellow Ayhan Sahin and his Young Pals label are. After receiving the awards, Ayhan Sahin said, “My music and thus this recognition is a mutual effort and combined skills of many talented musicians and writers who work with me in my productions with Young Pals Music.”

He further added that “I am always aware that as one, I can only see the mirror and its reflection, but with collaborative work, I will be reflected fully to the world.”

Over the years, Ayhan Sahin and the Young Pals Music label have continued serving sizzling hot retro-pop tracks, incorporating disco sounds from the 70s and 80s with a refined touch. The New York-based company offers developing and established artists songwriting and collaboration, vocal and instrumental recording, mixing, merchandising, and consultancy services.

With the double honors at The Akademia Awards, Ayhan Sahin assures that the label will intensify its efforts to release quality songs from artists signed to the group and collaborate with other key players in the industry so fans can stay thrilled all year round with the best of Pop music.

About Young Pals Music

Owned by Producer and Songwriter, Ayhan Sahin, Young Pals Music is a full-service independent record label based in New York founded in 2007. They offer songwriting and collaboration, vocal and instrumental recording, mixing, merchandising, and consultancy services. Some of their releases have enjoyed features on CNN, The Los Angeles Times, FoxNY, Univision, Telemundo, Playbill, MTV, Yahoo! Music, Fox Morning News, “The Wendy Williams Show” and Style Network; and heralded by USA Today, New York magazine, MTV, Perez Hilton, and The New York Daily News. For more information about Young Pals Music label, please visit

TheAkademia Awards

I’m thankful to receive The Akademia Awards for 2020 Artist Of The Year in Pop-Rock genre, and 2021 Rising Stars categories.

My music and thus this recognition is a mutual effort and combined skills of many talented musicians and writers who work with me in my productions with Young Pals Music. I’m always aware that as one I can only see the mirror and it’s reflection, but with collaborative work, I will be reflected fully to the world.


Ayhan Sahin’s fourth solo single marks the finale release from the

long-awaited full-length collaborative project “Pop”


The upcoming and long awaited album “Pop” features iconic artists of pop music’s timeline such as The Village People’s iconic cowboy Randy Jones, platinum selling artist Anita Ward, veteran recording artists Jerri BoKeno along with Keith Fluitt, Christi Bauerlee, and David Keeley.   .All songs are cowritten and coproduced by Ayhan Sahin with hit songwriter Bernadette O’Reilly who has also worked for three decades in music management and Artist Development… Overall, the singles released from the POP album saw critical recognition from award shows winning awards for categories,  “Best Pop Song”,  “Best Video” and “Best Singer.” Last but not least, Randy Jones’ single “Hard Times’” hit the Billboard Charts to claim a one month run on the Dance charts building a legendary status for Randy to be the only member of The Village People who achieved success as a charting solo artist.

Ayhan Sahin’s fourth single from “Pop” comes at a moment to reveal the reality of these times. Boldly written, the new song “Come And Get Me Now” opens up with all odds at  stake as Sahin gets into emotion immediately,   sInging “Don’t have another song in me.” Having the potential of establishing an immediate concern.  Sahin contiunues: “I’m losing all my gravity, I’ll count to three and scream” Feeling the urgency of the singer’s plea for a saviour, it never gets old or redundant to hear the repeating verse always followed by the loud and direct message “Come and Get MeNow.  The song spies a Bowie influence with pure harmonic ABBA-esque backing vocals.  It’s a melody-driven retro-pop redux. If this was the writer’s intention, they nailed it.

London producer/remixer Tim Cox brings two fresh club mixes to the table. (“Tim Cox Club Mix” and its  radio edit “Come And Get Me Now (Tim Cox Remix)” which is released with the single.

Artwork for Ayhan Sahin’s “Come And Get Me Now”

Sahin finalized the launch with a music video that was shot at the beach during the summer of 2020. He says “ I shot this video with my phone with little cost but tremendous care and endless hours of work knowing that this year is all about appreciation, tolerance and hope.

To make the product more attractive, Young Pals Music has also released a photo book of pictures taken during the shooting of the video at the exquisite boardwalk and beaches of a deserted Fire Island.

Contact Information:

MIKE @ Young Pals Music

Tel: 917-693 2688



Fourth Single: Come And Get Me Now

Strongest Point(s):
Fantastic production elements throughout!  The instrumental work is deeply engaging, boasting a strong blend of electronic keys and organic horns along with deeply impactful bass and pleasantly gritty electric guitar work.  Ayhan’s vocal performance contributes wonderfully to the overall effect and feel of the track, making great use of soft, intimate deliveries and moments of all-out belting to express a wide range of emotional weight in a small lyrical space – though moments like the drop-out to bass solo at 4:02 – the end really allow the instrumental brilliance to shine through and drive the listening experience into immensely danceable territory!

Target Audience Appeal:
Fans of driving, dance-oriented beats and classic feels will find the marriage of the concepts to bear compelling fruit in Ayhan Sahin’s Come And Get Me Now (A2B Mix) – with the totality of the track producing a nostalgia-drenched but completely contemporary experience – expertly designed to move bodies through masterful musicianship and endlessly engaging vocals! – Jon W.

Artist target suggestions:
Electric Light Orchestra, Bee Gees, ABBA, 10cc, Traveling Wilburys, The Moody Blues, Jefferson Starship, Supertramp, The Alan Parsons Project, Talk Talk, Naked Eyes, Wang Chung, Bronski Beat, Spandau Ballet, Finger Eleven

About the Reviewer:Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Working with musicians and their individual sounds is his passion and profession, and he strives to interact with and understand every aspect of the production process – from theory and songwriting to recording and mastering. He continues to teach students of all ages and is currently collaborating with artists in a wide variety of genres.

Vocals:  Strength
Lyrics:  Strength
Instrumental Performance/Execution:  Strength
Melody/Rhythm:  Strength
Arrangement/Flow:  Strength
Recording Quality/Overall Mix:  Strength

My Twenty Years In NYC

Twenty years ago today, I arrived to this country. I had plans, goals and dreams. I wanted to break free from construction sites and I wanted to make music. It was as simple as that. My goal was to write and have professionals sing my songs. My dream was to make my music sound as good as ABBA’s sound. New York was destined for me and I loved New York. It just reminded me of Istanbul, always vibrant, always dynamic and hectic. Through my college years at NYU, I learned what was possible and what was impossible in New York. Through the people I met and became friends with, anything proved to be possible. The things I stopped caring about were the only ones that became impossible. Through the time I collected opportunities, I learned how to give, I learned how to share. And I realized whatever I gave and shared came back to me exponentially in different forms and shapes. I loved it. That love made my heart grew larger. And when my heart was big, I realized I was fearless because the love around me protected my little fence. Being not afraid of anything anymore, I became adventurous trying one thing after the other bringing every bit of thought to life. The more I created the happier I became. My friends from college on Facebook said I looked much younger in my forties. I was only happy. They told me “whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”

I can’t believe twenty years after I’m  still doing my music and it’s still giving me happiness. Sometimes it’s redundant but mostly it is a proud moment when I finish a new song and listen to the master. Today when I am listening to our latest song “Come and Get Me Now” I see the signature of many who played significant parts in the story I was telling above like my sponsor, Tobbe & Marie, Gene & Steve and Chuck. It’s  not gonna be a list of  everyone I feel grateful to but the ones who filled these twenty years with weight, presence  and distinct personalities which turned into never ending friendships, relationships and partnerships like Bernadette, Emre, Donna, Al, Randy, Bo, Lauren, Lina, Larry, Tina, Patrick, Alex, Serap, Cynthia, Jeff, Janet, Karine, Tommy, Dennis. The people I love call me “a good soul” but in fact it is the good virtues I found and embraced from these New Yorkers that nurtured my soul. Thank you guys, I love you more than ever.