Music video for our latest single “I Like You” is finally finished and I’m happy to at last bring it out to the daylight. Again like my previous music videos, it’s all self made with the phone I currently have, getting my inspiration from the bands I love to sing like, people I interact daily and from the scenery and footage I capture from random occasions. When all these activities meet with suggestions and recommendations from my creative friends like Bernadette or Lauren or Chuck and Emre,  I see a vision forming in my head and I go for it. 

This time the completion of the video took a little longer because of some personal issues that I encountered along the way;  like the unexpected eye surgery that totally took away a couple of my months as well as my creative passion. But all comes to a good ending with a positive attitude and a stubborn smile, even though missing two of my very front teeth at a time when we would be shooting this video. 

Eventually,  eyes heal and teeth get replaced and what we are left with becomes the presentation of the art that never puts our inspirations into rest.  

I’m happy that I was able to finish this work, because one thing that improves me as an individual is to be able to start  and finish  whatever I commit to.


Now onto the next projects. Life is good !!

Ayhan Sahin