New York, NY, October 25, 2022 —  NYC-based singer-songwriter Lauren Rathbun has issued her latest track, “Bird With A Broken Wing,” an evocative ballad fringed with the glamorous sparkle of 70s pop/rock, highlighted by the refreshing splash of Lauren’s inimitable, contralto vocal — its strength and emotive quality reminiscent of such icons as Barbra Streisand, ABBA’s Frida and Agnetha Faltskog and the late Olivia Newton John.

Produced by Ayhan Sahin, the powerhouse rock ballad is Lauren’s third original release under the Young Pals Music imprint, the NYC-based independent label that has proved to be the perfect home for Lauren’s multi-faceted creative talents.

“Bird With A Broken Wing” opens with a reflective acoustic guitar refrain, gently underpinning Lauren’s endearing solo verse, as she seeks guidance at the end — or perhaps the beginning — of a journey. The pre-chorus bursts into a duel between piano and electric guitar, building in texture and intensity to a euphoric guitar solo and high-octane refrain, as Lauren carries the song with beauty and poise to the clouds above.

Lauren’s commitment to creating authentic, moving music that touches the hearts of listeners is what motivates her as an artist. She explains, “2021 was a particularly challenging year, and I found great solace in music following some personal setbacks. When Ayhan approached me with an idea he had about revisiting a song he had written years ago, I heard lyrics that really resonated with me: I will fly over mountains, sing without you. We worked together on some new material for what became this fresh take on ‘Bird With A Broken Wing’, and it proved a truly meaningful experience to sing and record it anew.”

Rathbun with music producer Ayhan Sahin during the  64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas
Rathbun’s Second Single “Into You”

“Bird With A Broken Wing” is adapted from Ayhan Sahin and lyricist Selcen Pamuk Phelps’ full-length rock musical Swedish Style. The project — first developed in the 1990s and inspired by the real-life stories that surrounded Swedish supergroup ABBA — features a quartet of musicians on the brink of superstardom, dealing with love, loss and the pursuit of artistic immortality.

Lauren continues, “I am grateful to Ayhan and his writing collaborator Bernadette O’Reilly for their expertise on this new track, and to my parents who continue to be so supportive of my musical endeavors. I hope the unique lyrics and story of this song find their way to listeners’ hearts, just as it did mine.”

First Single from Rathbun “My Almost Lover”

 Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lauren fell in love with musical theater as a teenager, graduating with an honors degree from the University of Utah for Musical Theatre Performance, shortly before her move to New York City in 2016.

As 2022 draws to a close, Lauren is in the final stages of recording her debut album with Sahin and O’Reilly at Young Pals Music. Set for release next year, the album will showcase her timeless voice through a mix of musical genres, combined with her ability to impart heartfelt sincerity into every note.

Lauren Rathbun’s ‘Bird With A Broken Wing’ is out now across all digital platforms

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Notes to Editors

Songwriters: Ayhan Sahin, Selcen Pamuk Phelps, Bernadette OReilly, Lauren Rathbun
Publisher: Young Pals Music (2022)

Producer: Ayhan Sahin
Musicians: Mike Sorrentino (drums), Carras Paton (bass), Gene Blank (guitars), Rob Preuss (piano and synth), Keith Fluitt (back vocals)
Executive Producer: Bernadette OReilly
Mixed and Engineered by Ayhan Sahin @ 2CStudios
Mastered by Ryan Smith @ Sterling Sound

Photography by Ayhan Sahin
Artwork Design by Emre Emirgil

2022 Young Pals Music Production                                                   

Lauren Rathbun’s ‘Into You’ Is An Unabashedly Charming Joyride Through The ‘70s

New York’s Young Pals Music proudly announces its first post-pandemic release from a young charming artist destined to connect a timeless bridge to music fans

 Lauren Rathbun’s new single ‘Into You’ is a cheery, sweet romp through the most captivating adventures of the 1970s. Lauren’s thrilling homage to this bygone era features tons of familiar beats, classic country melodies, and instrumentation that’s brimming with charisma through and through. It’s a joyride of a melody that relies on energy as much as its rich lyrical narrative and vocal showcase. Rathbun approaches the verses with a gratifying edginess which complements the exhilarating, uproarious chords on the electric and bass guitars. The melody builds slowly over the course of the composition, with a cascade of percussion and the hard-hitting strokes on the piano.  

 The production is composed of a brilliant tempo buoying the song through the ecstatic highs of the rock ‘n’ roll era showcasing Rathbun shine through with a sincere, hearty voice that’s both comforting and just a little mischievous. The bridge of the piece is perhaps the most appealing, with Rathbun’s vocals soaring through the high notes in ease and a boisterous guitar solo hammering in the 70s-era vigor all the harder. 

 The project is being released by New York City-based Young Pals Music helmed by producer Ayhan Sahin and mastered by Ryan Smith at New York City’s Sterling Sound. The track was produced by Sahin, founder of Young Pals Music; written by Rathbun and Sahin. The production includes a posse of New York City-based renowned musicians: Mike Sorrentino on drums, Carras Paton on bass and sax, Gene Blank on guitars, and Rob Preuss on piano and synth. Keith Fluitt and Jerri Bocchino are on backing vocals. 


 Sahin notes: “The journey of writing and making a song is for me the most rewarding work. For “Into You” we had a very specific model to start with. But throughout the two years we worked on the song, it went to a completely new place. We were open to new ideas and had the flexibility to adjust our initial model to the time-changing experiences in our lives. 

 As a whole, the tune is designed to send listeners down memory lane. The classic rock sounds are somewhat reductive, but it doesn’t take away from the crowd-pleasing upbeat that keeps your feet moving and your head bobbing. What’s most impressive is that Lauren Rathbun is a young, up-and-coming artist who might not have had direct exposure to the vintage rock hysteria, but she makes up for it with heart and charisma to boot. She’s only been singing professionally for a few odd years, but it’s obvious that with the right platform, she can go the distance and find her path. 

For more information, please contact 917-693 2688, or

Ayhan Sahin Bags the “2020 Artist of the Year in Pop-Rock Genre” and “2021 Rising Stars” Awards at the Akademia Awards

New York-based Producer and Songwriter, Ayhan Sahin has recorded a milestone achievement after receiving honors in two categories at the just concluded The Akademia Awards.

The Akademia Awards seeks to reward the best artists in the arts and entertainment industry. Each year, artists who have exemplified class and excellence in various genres of music and have won the love of fans receive awards.

This year, Ayhan Sahin shined with intensity at the recently concluded The Akademia Awards winning the “2020 Artist of the Year in Pop-Rock Genre” and the “2021 Rising Stars” awards. Ayhan Sahin has had a jolly-good career ride, and clinching these awards is proof of his efforts towards serving music lovers top-rated, infectious bliss songs.

This is not the first time the award-winning Turkish-born Pop artist is winning double honors at the awards ceremony held by TheAkademia. In April 2018, Ayhan won “Best Rock Song for Pop” with the single ‘Drink’ and “Best Music Video of the Year” for his ‘L.A. Nights’ single.

Winning double again in this year’s TheAkademia Awards shows how much of a consistent fellow Ayhan Sahin and his Young Pals label are. After receiving the awards, Ayhan Sahin said, “My music and thus this recognition is a mutual effort and combined skills of many talented musicians and writers who work with me in my productions with Young Pals Music.”

He further added that “I am always aware that as one, I can only see the mirror and its reflection, but with collaborative work, I will be reflected fully to the world.”

Over the years, Ayhan Sahin and the Young Pals Music label have continued serving sizzling hot retro-pop tracks, incorporating disco sounds from the 70s and 80s with a refined touch. The New York-based company offers developing and established artists songwriting and collaboration, vocal and instrumental recording, mixing, merchandising, and consultancy services.

With the double honors at The Akademia Awards, Ayhan Sahin assures that the label will intensify its efforts to release quality songs from artists signed to the group and collaborate with other key players in the industry so fans can stay thrilled all year round with the best of Pop music.

About Young Pals Music

Owned by Producer and Songwriter, Ayhan Sahin, Young Pals Music is a full-service independent record label based in New York founded in 2007. They offer songwriting and collaboration, vocal and instrumental recording, mixing, merchandising, and consultancy services. Some of their releases have enjoyed features on CNN, The Los Angeles Times, FoxNY, Univision, Telemundo, Playbill, MTV, Yahoo! Music, Fox Morning News, “The Wendy Williams Show” and Style Network; and heralded by USA Today, New York magazine, MTV, Perez Hilton, and The New York Daily News. For more information about Young Pals Music label, please visit

TheAkademia Awards

I’m thankful to receive The Akademia Awards for 2020 Artist Of The Year in Pop-Rock genre, and 2021 Rising Stars categories.

My music and thus this recognition is a mutual effort and combined skills of many talented musicians and writers who work with me in my productions with Young Pals Music. I’m always aware that as one I can only see the mirror and it’s reflection, but with collaborative work, I will be reflected fully to the world.

Music Video Ready for Ayhan Sahin’s Fourth Single “Come And Get Me Now”


Happy to announce that the music video to our latest song

“Come And Get Me Now” is ready and up on The making of the video for me was a long journey to decide on what the message was. Although everything emotional is and can be related to our troubles with the pandemic in 2020,  I still wanted to maintain a brighter side of a character in the story of our music video who is lonely, left alone in solitude and yearning for the days gone by. We first shot essential footage at a church in upper east side late May with Bernadette and Emre while we were doing the photoshoot for the cover of the single. We came a long way with the post production, but I still was not in love with the dark side of me that was exposed. I looked ugly, I looked old and I looked tired. It was bothering me.

Ayhan Sahin’s fourth single from the album “Pop”

Right after that day we shot the footage, I went to Fire Island and stayed there for the entire summer thanks to my friends Gene and Steve. It was great to be away from the city during the pandemic, and the protests going on. I was admiring the scenery of the island. Somehow seeing the environment on a daily basis made me discover new corners and details about the place, although I’ve been there at least once or twice every summer through the years. I was taking all these pictures day and night, sunrise/sunset, full moon/stormy weather, sunny beach/deserted beach, and everything I took daily was landing on a last picture of the boardwalk that connected our unit to the beach. At one point,  my friend Al suggested that I take periodic footage of the boardwalk just to see if it would bring any inspiration.

It’s an interesting concept almost like writing a diary to see what changes the nature suggests to a stationary object with differing conditions. The fact that I was able to edit the things I was filming instantly with Final Cut Pro made me ask myself “why not use this for the upcoming single’s music video.” To bring a brighter view to the story we wrote in the song with Bernadette was intriguing. Things we suffer from past choices, future doubts of incompetence, and its effect on the present— they would all be optimistic to find a way to deal with just like how the nature finds its way with everything—even pandemic. This routine went on till September 13. That’s when I started editing the full song video.

Among the people in my network who I mostly rely on to play my ongoing work for early insights and critics is Lauren. I am always comfortable  showing early stages of my work to get a constructive feedback when I feel  I’m too much involved with the project. Her eyes and ears are very well trained to get a vision of the artist and his/her raw work during its formation. Plus our relationship allows her to be sincere without holding back any aspect.  So when I showed her the first edit, she gave me all these thoughts on the phone. The same day she sent me three different takes of her dancing on the track just in case I needed to use. I ended up  using her footage that she sent from the West Coast in the instrumental outro thinking what better way to relieve stress and strain that we bring with the song  than a water-ballet turning the track into a dance number by throwing cyber lights and entertainment, with multi images of sirens dancing on the waves, making you feel like you’re watching a Vegas show. At least that became the vision in my head. 

Instrumental outro with the water ballet

It’s November 2 now. I finalize the music video with a fulfilled heart and a content soul.

The music we recorded were all made possible with the talented and renowned musicians I work with who understand my style of music– they almost feel like my band and very gracious to be involved in my productions namely Mike Sorrentino in drums, Carras Paton in bass guitar and horn sections, Emre Yilmaz and Gene Blank in guitars, Rob Preuss in synth and keyboards, Thomas Gallaher in piano. And besides these names, Keith Fluitt, Jerri Bocchino and Lauren Rathbun add additional and background vocals to give it the Abba vibe that I die for.

Cagri Keskin designed the artwork for the project. I am proud to feature his work with his company Donum Noktasi as our display on every project bringing in the cover of the record from suggestions into reality. In the meantime Chuck prepares the wording of our presentation. His writing becomes our press release, and in many cases turns into the liner notes of the record we are producing. Just like Bernadette and Emre, I am grateful to him for being there all along since day 1, sharing our enthusiasm and positive vibes with every record since 2007.

May 2020, Album artwork photoshoot me and Bernadette and I waiting for Emre

Looking back, I realize Bernadette and I have been working, writing music almost for 15 years. on and off here and there this and that. Our partnership goes beyond business where I accept her as one of my true closest friends in life that I can trust and enjoy the time with. 

Our new song is out. It comes with a challenging story at a challenging time where we all face a little bit of doubt about future. Our intention is to spread out light with fire when the thoughts are at their darkest. Please leave us some comments on YouTube.


“Come And Get Me Now” – Ayhan Sahin’s new single from the album “Pop”
Best Pop-Rock song of September 2020

Fourth Single: Come And Get Me Now

Strongest Point(s):
Fantastic production elements throughout!  The instrumental work is deeply engaging, boasting a strong blend of electronic keys and organic horns along with deeply impactful bass and pleasantly gritty electric guitar work.  Ayhan’s vocal performance contributes wonderfully to the overall effect and feel of the track, making great use of soft, intimate deliveries and moments of all-out belting to express a wide range of emotional weight in a small lyrical space – though moments like the drop-out to bass solo at 4:02 – the end really allow the instrumental brilliance to shine through and drive the listening experience into immensely danceable territory!

Target Audience Appeal:
Fans of driving, dance-oriented beats and classic feels will find the marriage of the concepts to bear compelling fruit in Ayhan Sahin’s Come And Get Me Now (A2B Mix) – with the totality of the track producing a nostalgia-drenched but completely contemporary experience – expertly designed to move bodies through masterful musicianship and endlessly engaging vocals! – Jon W.

Artist target suggestions:
Electric Light Orchestra, Bee Gees, ABBA, 10cc, Traveling Wilburys, The Moody Blues, Jefferson Starship, Supertramp, The Alan Parsons Project, Talk Talk, Naked Eyes, Wang Chung, Bronski Beat, Spandau Ballet, Finger Eleven

About the Reviewer:Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Working with musicians and their individual sounds is his passion and profession, and he strives to interact with and understand every aspect of the production process – from theory and songwriting to recording and mastering. He continues to teach students of all ages and is currently collaborating with artists in a wide variety of genres.

Vocals:  Strength
Lyrics:  Strength
Instrumental Performance/Execution:  Strength
Melody/Rhythm:  Strength
Arrangement/Flow:  Strength
Recording Quality/Overall Mix:  Strength

RANDY JONES – “Hard Times” Music Videos

Music Video for “Hard Times” by Randy Jones (A2B / Epic Extended Disco Hustle Mix)

Randy Jones’ two separate music videos “Hard Times Remixes” was launched on September 15 with a glamorous party at Manhattan’s hot spot “Beautique” in midtown with more than 100 guests.

Music Video for “Hard Times” by Randy Jones (Mark Saunders / A Night at 54 Disco Mix)

In June 2017, Young Pals Music released “Hard Times,” the first single from Randy Jones’ upcoming full-length album, Still Makin’ Noise. The single reached #42 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, and was the first chart placement from any member of the Village People as a solo artist.

Photo album for Randy Jones’ launch event on September 15 with soundtrack of  “Hard Times” by Randy Jones (DJ Drew G /  Bigger Room Mix)

The Village People’s Iconic Cowboy Randy Jones Returns To The Billboard Top 40 With Solo Smash “Hard Times”

Dance Club hit aligns with 40th anniversary celebration of The Village People, including beloved hits “YMCA,” “Macho Man” and “In the Navy.” With “Hard Times” success, Jones is the only group member to achieve a solo hit.

Let the hard times roll! In the midst of the 40th anniversary celebration of the iconic Village People’s chart-topping music career—including global smashes “YMCA,” “Macho Man” and “In the Navy”—the group’s beloved cowboy, Randy Jones, is keeping the fire burning. His solo single “Hard Times” is a top 40 hit on Billboard’s Top Dance Club Play chart.

a2d1b-randyjonesremixesThe dance club anthem, released by New York City-based Young Pals Music, includes an original studio version and eight re-rubs from renowned music mixologists Mark Saunders, Eric Kupper, Tim Cox, Date Night (f/Brannew), A2B (f/Emre Yilmaz), DJ Drew G, Onur Koc, and Peacemode. A 10-track single was released to all major digital outlets in July.

“Hard Times” launched at No. 42, as the second-highest entry among five new songs on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, for the week of August 26, 2017. Adding to the achievement, Jones is the only member of the Village People to score a solo hit.

With Jones’ vocal machismo guiding the joyous uptempo fanfare, “Hard Times” is driven by a flourish of acoustic guitars, pounding percussion and a chorus of angelic voices, alongside an empowering message that tough times may come and go, but with the will to win, you can always land “on the right line.”

Amid Jones’ own five-decade career, the renowned vocalist, film star, philanthropist—and all-round nice guy—has helped sell 100 million singles/albums and fostered a quarter billion views on YouTube, thanks to the Village People’s beloved catalog of disco songs. Add to that 75 Gold and Platinum record certificates, the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, alongside a co-starring role in the 1980 musical comedy film “Can’t Stop the Music,” directed by Nancy Walker—and also starring (then) Bruce Jenner.

Continuing a career as an actor, singer and dancer, he has also released a number of solo CDs, including most recently, “Ticket to the World,” “Your Disco Needs You!” and in 2016, “Mister Right.” In 2018, he is slated to release a new full-length project, tentatively titled “Still Making Noise.”


The Village People’s Iconic Cowboy Randy Jones Sets Summer On Fire With A Cascade of Remixes for Single ‘Hard Times’

Released by Young Pals MusicJones follows the release of his successful single “Hard Timeswith no less than eight club remixes from renowned producers and  D.J.s like Mark Saunders, Erik Kupper, Drew G, Tim Cox and more.
If it takes a “Village,” then Randy Jones is ready to rope in the masses for the summer of 2017. The renowned vocalist, film star, philanthropist, all-round nice guy—oh, and the beloved cowboy from American Music Award-winning The Village People—follows the release of his successful single “Hard Times” with no less than eight club remixes from Mark Saunders, Erik Kupper, Drew G, Tim Cox and more.

Randy Jones’ 2017 single “Hard Times” from Young Pals Music offers an empowering message that tough times may come and go, but with the will to win, you can always land “on the right line.” 

Jones not only remains a fixture among New York City’s entertainment illuminati, but he is a gifted solo artist. Collaborating with songwriter/producers Ayhan Sahin and Bernadette O’Reilly, Jones brings his vocal machismo to the joyous uptempo fanfare, driven by the track’s flourish of acoustic guitars, pounding percussion and a chorus of angelic voices. 
As a reminder, amid a four-decade career, Jones helped sell 100 million singles/albums and fostered a quarter billion views on YouTube, thanks to “Macho Man,” “In the Navy,” “Go West” and “YMCA.” Add to that the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, alongside a co-starring role in the 1980 musical comedy film “Can’t Stop the Music,” directed by Nancy Walker—and also starring (then) Bruce Jenner.
“It’s so good to be back in the game… oh, no wait, I never stopped playing the game,” Jones jokes. “Seriously, keeping my voice out there and persistently being able to perform is not only great fun, but it is a testament to those fans who have stayed strong with a cause that is so much greater than anything I could ever do. I’m proud to still be doing what I love to do… every damn week!”
Adds producer and co-songwriter Sahin, “Having Randy Jones coming full force for ‘Hard Times’ has been crazy fun. Then, adding these incredibly talented remixers to the project raises the bar all the more. I can’t wait to hear Randy across clubs all summer.”


Indeed, “Hard Times” arrives at the ideal time. The Village People are celebrating  their 40th anniversary since “Macho Man” became the group’s first U.S. top 40 hit. That, of course, was followed by the beloved “Y.M.C.A.,” “In the Navy” and countless dance hits. Add to that the 40th anniversary of “Saturday Night Fever,” whose soundtrack ultimately sold 15 million copies. Disco resurgence, anyone?

Let’s Spend This New Year’s Eve At Home

Pop The Cork! Welcome 2017 With Original Single ‘Let’s Spend This New Year’s Eve At Home’ from Burgeoning Country Act Christi Bauerlee


The New Year’s spirit is in full swing. The music video for Christi Bauerlee’s holiday single “Let’s Spend This New Year’s Eve At Home” is ready to meet its audience. Sit back, relax and just click on the link below:


The joyous uptempo single proclaims: “Five private parties, four invitations, three club choices, firm rezervations. too many options/Got a revelation… one night only, private celebration, Let’s have this one night alone/Spend this New Year’s Eve at home.”

The video was filmed at Times Square, New York during the city preparations for the holiday season.

It is the first of the singles that have been released through 2016 from Young Pals Music‘s latest album project “Pop” cowritten and co-produced by Ayhan Sahin & Bernadette O’Reilly.

Vocalist Bauerlee is renowned as a singer, actress and model, with appearances in such TV shows and films as “Something about Mary,” “Days of Our Lives,” “Lawless,” “Jake 2.0,” “Family Law,” “Striptease” and “Gilmore Girls.” She has performed on “Jay Leno,” “The Late Night Show” and the Grand Ole Opry; and notably, is also known to much of America—without seeing her face—as the vocalist behind the theme song for CBS-TV’s hit series “Family Law,” where she sings a cover of the Edwin Starr classic “War.” 
Other singles available from the album “Pop” are:

The Village People’s Iconic Cowboy Randy Jones Brings His Vocal Machismo To New Single ‘Hard Times’


It has been celebrated by artists as varied as The Mamas & The Papas, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Kinks and Guns N’ Roses. And now the city of Los Angeles has a brand new sonic love letter, thanks to Ayhan Sahin’s “L.A. Nights.”

Iconic Platinum-Selling Vocalist Anita Ward Returns To Celebrate
Pride 2016 With Empowering Dance Anthem “Another Bad Mistake”

Celebrating all the good things in life… our friends, family, pets and beloved places… for 4 fun-filled minutes. The joyous pop anthem celebrates unity and diversity. revolving around a children’s choir that delivers the message of “L.O.V.E.” in each chorus.

It’s Time To Raise A Glass & ‘Drink’ For St. Patrick’s Day With Celebratory Single That Offers a Nod to All Things Worth Celebrating


Forget Wine & Roses: Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Breakup Redemption Single ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ from Broadway’s Award-Winning Artist David Keeley