Simone Sfriso is among the 40 finalists of the famous Italian TV show “Festival Show” out of 3000 contestants with DelGaudio/Sahin composition “Camouflage” the finale is this Saturday, April 28, 2012. If he ends up within the top 12, he will be touring Italy with “Camouflage”


“Camouflage” was released in Italy under Tam Record in 2011. Original composition was released in the U.S. in DNA’s “Calling Card” album featuring the vocals of Karine Hannah (Young Pals Records International).


Valentine’s Day 2012:
How to get endless-love on Valentine’s Day?
“Another + Another” Reveals How!
Boston, Mass. and New York, New York

While the rest of the nation is exchanging over 180 million Valentine’s Day cards, and spending an average of $14 billion on Valentine’s Day love ($13 billion of that in USA alone), for 99 cents you can stay home with your loved one enjoying “Another + Another”. Do the candles, wine, dinner, chocolates, bubble bath, and silk sheets, as long as your Valentine gets “Another + Another” from you. The song “Another + Another” celebrates the joys of more and more of everything in a perfect Valentine relationship.

Romantic pop, “Another + Another” is loved by Next Generation and Oldies who appreciate highest quality music and story lines crafted by Young Pals Records and G.G. Garth Music Publishing. Music video by Christopher Holmes/Holmeswood Features coming soon. Vocals: “Oh-Kay!”. Music by Ayhan Sahin, lyrics by Ghia Gabriela Szwed.

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