“El Mundo Era Mio” by Bianca Marroquin
As a triple threat entertainer—singer, dancer and actress—Bianca’s authentic warmth is identifiable to women, while her beauty & sensuality proffer all that men admire. And now there’s more… Bianca’s solo album “El Mundo Era Mio” offers as much versatility.

“Extraordinary Woman” by Erica Jacob
Erica Jacob’s “Extraordinary Woman” is a joyous pageant of sing-along anthems, offering musical mastery akin to the 100-watt persona of Jennifer Hudson, and the vocal chops of Alicia Keys.


SWEDISH STYLE-The Musical Concept Album

(Ayhan Sahin & Selcen Pamuk Phelps)

Swedish Style

“Swedish Style: The Musical” is inspired by the captivating tale of the break-up of Swedish super group ABBA—a lesser-known but all-important chapter in the quartet’s fabled history. For a decade starting in 1972, ABBA released eight studio albums and a staggering 73 hit singles. In all, Benny, Björn, Frida and Agnetha have sold more than 370 million albums around the world. But all good things come to an end, and ABBA’s demise was sullied with divorce between the two couples, internal strife and ultimately, dissolution. The dramatized theatrical rock musical “Swedish Style”—written by Turkish composer & producer and NYU Tisch School of the Arts Master’s grad Ayhan Sahin, with lyrics by Selcen Pamuk, equally accomplished as a university professor with a PhD and Master’s in Business—is rapt with love, loss, friendship, heartbreak and the penance of ultimate artistic immortality.

TINATIN – “Wild Miami Remixed” ($6.99)

Young Pals Records announces the trade release of “Wild” – Miami Remixed — the ultimate summer dance floor anthem sung by Tinatin. The five-track collection features brilliant up-tempo DJ remixes, plus the sizzling video shot in New York and South Beach. It will be distributed to Miami’s most exclusive and hottest venues for dance and nightlife.

“Wild” is the title track of Tinatin’s six track EP, released in May, written by Tinatin and Ayhan Sahin, and produced by Sahin. In addition to the Ayhan Sahin Crystal Ball Remix (6:21), versions of “Wild” include the Jason Jayma & DJ Scorpio Club Mix (8:08), Luke Savant Club Mix (6:13), Tom Noize Remix (6:19), Orly Productions Remix (4:43) and Jay Moore Synth Mix (7:42.) The video-clip showcases Tinatin as a tightly wound Wall Street executive fantasizing about letting loose in a sexually charged fantasy sequence shot (Holmeswood Features) throughout posh clubs and hotels and along the sandy beaches of South Beach.

TINATIN – “Wild” ($9.99)

The universal title track “Wild” offers a socially conscious anthem about the ravages of climate change, as a rash of alarming trends sweep the land: “temperatures plummeting to 12 below at the equator, a dry spell across South America’s tropical rainforests and fire along the Polar ice caps.” The song’s insistent musical and thematic beat was such an inspiration for Tinatin and Ayhan Sahin that they decided to remix it into a frenetic dance floor paean, complete with a deliriously frenzied rhythmic gait that could truly set the North Pole into flames. The EP also features a video clip for “Wild,” lensed by Christopher Holmes, shot with Tinatin wearing vintage couture and a glamorous fur, poetically set amid the disparity of New York East Village dive bar Niagara.

MOST LIKELY TO – The Senior Superlative Musical ($9.99)

Most Likely To (which sold out its entire MITF run on Theatre Row before opening night) features the sereo-comic musings of such high school senior celebrities as Class Clown, Best Dressed andMost Dramatic, as they stage a ceremony to celebrate the fabled best years of their lives in monologue, song and dance. It’s The Gleeks vs. The Goths, The Drama Queens vs. The Jocks, in a Senior Superlative Showdown to Best All Around! The cast album will feature 12 fan favorite tracks including “All Hail the Drama Queens,” “Emo Spelled Backwards (is Oh Me),” and “Push Comes to Shove.”

LYBERT RAMADE – “Une Autre Chance” ($9.99)
French master of entertainment—actor, singer, songwriter, host and voiceover talent—Lybert Ramade’s third musical project “Une autre chance” comprises songs composed by Ayhan Sahin, sung in French. Highlights of “Une autre chance,” recorded include “Ecoute moi,” the jazz-infused radio-ready opening track; frenetic dance toss-ups “L’heure des heros” and “Je suis comme je suis”; elegant ballads “Plus loin” and “Si jamais”; playful pop finger-snapper “Laissez moi”; and pop confection “7 vies.” Also includes English-language track “Another Bad Mistake,” a duet with French-Canadian chanteuse Karine Hannah.

iTunes link

NORMAN GENTLE – “Bitch Slap” ($3.99)

iTunes link

DNA featuring KARINE HANNAH – “Calling Card” ($9.99)

DNA encompasses two creative partners— songwriter/guitarist Dennis DelGaudio and producer/songwriter Ayhan Sahin—who fused their musical talents in 2009 as production duo DNA featuring the consummate vocals of Karine Hannah. The crafty melodies, organic instrumentation and soaring, anthemic vocals that parade across this collection embody a true artistic alliance. We’ll call it alchemy.

iTunes link

KARINE HANNAH – “Karine” ($9.99)

“Karine” hearkens a bygone era where an album was designed to serve up the full spectrum of an artist’s ability—instead of so many gimmick-driven, pinhole-targeted acts that drive today’s marketplace. Hannah’s versatility is her trump, imbued with innate celestial talent and consummate emotive fervor. Aligned with these dozen-plus sing-along treasures, here is a project whose stamp is utterly timeless.

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PROMIS – “Life is Grand!” ($9.99)

Influenced by the cool breezes and warm waters of the Mediterranean, the 14 songs explore themes of life, love and lessons, with a rich tapestry of all-live instruments. Recorded by Chilean singer/songwriter Jose Promis and produced and co-written with Turkish songwriter Ayhan Sahin, the project is truly a mesh of world influences, while maintaining a decidedly pop imprint.

iTunes link

ADAM SHENK – “Suitcases” ($9.99)

MTV’s “Making the Band” finalist Adam Shenk recorded his full-length pop, R&B and jazz-scented “Suitcases,” with Ayhan producing, which will be released by Young Pals Music in March 2010. The set includes Emre Yilmaz on classical guitars. Adam is already performing songs from the CD at live venues across the Northeast region.


MITCH ZORBA – “Censurando Amor” ($9.99)

EMRE YILMAZ – “Only Yesterday” ($1.99)

Emre Yilmaz is a master of musical largess, as a singer, songwriter, classical guitarist and sought-after live performer, including regular flamenco jazz fusion gigs with noted Blue Note guitarist Spiros Exaras. His solo “Only Yesterday” is a perfectly timed, consummate graduation day anthem, co-written and arranged with producer and fellow Turk Ayhan Sahin. Emre sings: “Seems like only yesterday, we met each other, found our way/Life it happens, we all change/A new day has come, turn the page.” He not only serenades the masses entering a new phase of life but showcases acoustic guitars, with electric guitars courtesy of Billy Joel bandmate Dennis DelGaudio. Emre’s international catalog is well-established; now this suave, handsome talent has the ultimate showcase to become one of the year’s most auspicious breakouts.


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