Another + Another” tells a current classic unrequited love story in which boy loves girl, girl loves boy, boy fears commitment and bolts, girl lures him back, but boy is shown the door, nevertheless. Girl knows there’s always another and another outside her door.

Romantic pop, “Another + Another” celebrates honesty and self-empowerment. Romantic pop, “Another + Another” is enjoyed by Next Generation and Oldies who appreciate highest quality music and storylines crafted by Young Pals Records and G.G. Garth Music Publishing.

Vocals by up and coming pop singer “Oh-Kay!”. Music by Ayhan Sahin, lyrics by Ghia Gabriela Szwed. Produced by Young Pals Records (BMI) of NY, NY in collaboration with G.G. Garth Productions (ASCAP) of Boston, Mass.

“Another + Another”
Music: Ayhan Sahin Lyrics: Ghia Gabriela Szwed
Singer: Oh-Kay!
Album Art:
Photography: Luiz Arduini
Models: Ksenia Yakustidi, Alden Truesdale
Copyright 2011 by Young Pals Music, BMI; G.G. Garth Music Publishing, ASCAP

Produced by Ayhan Sahin
Guitars: Gene Blank
Bass: Christian Imboden
Drum Programming and Keyboards: Ayhan Sahin


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