Happy Hanukkah! Sandra Bernhard Sings “Miracle of Lights” with Sussan Deyhim

Bernhard is certainly best known for her colorful comic and theatrical performances, but here she culls a worldwide call for peace in the calming, tribal “Miracle of Lights,” featuring Sussan Deyhim, a composer, vocalist and performance artist who has long been at the forefront of the ancient mysticism of Middle Eastern music.

Produced by Ayhan Sahin and Mitch Kaplan, this song was part of the holiday compilation album “Breaking For The Holidays” released by Breaking Records in 2007.

Boarding the sleigh ride for Breaking Records’ first such collection are such timeless veterans as Chaka Khan and venerable comedienne Sandra Bernhard, alongside two favorites from the nation’s unstoppable top-rated TV series, “American Idol” and its rock n’roll sister “Rockstar Supernova,” as well as a handful of acts that may be less familiar—but as you will soon see, merit equal esteem.

 Sandra Bernhard with Ayhan Sahin and Karine Hannah


 Sussan Deyhim



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